Apr 12

Two New Ingredients

Entering into 2012, it was clear that Parallax was steadily growing. With new and exciting jobs and clients on the horizon, it was evident we needed more hands on deck, and we were ready to expand our creative team. We didn’t have to look very far to find our two newest talented hires, Mark Ngolab and Allen Ramirez. Mark started as a contract developer for Parallax, and we first worked with Allen as a Parallax intern and later as a freelancer. Now that we’ve made it official, it’s time for you to meet the newest members of our team… Continue reading →

Nov 11

Design. It’s in their culture.

The Netherlands. Holland. Where the Dutch live. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s an amazing place full of artistic inspiration. On my recent trip, I was once again reminded of our differences, not only in culture but in design. During my yearly pilgrimage to visit family and friends, I was able to spend some time in several different cities. I realized, as I always do, how different the level of understanding and appreciation for design and architecture is in Holland than here in the U.S. Continue reading →

Aug 11

On the go with QR codes

QR code: www.thinkparallax.com


You can remember a great ad, but can you remember that tiny URL in the bottom corner? Try using a QR code next time.

What’s a QR code? A “Quick Response” code is a matrix bar code designed for high speed decoding on smartphones. They receive content like links to websites, text messages, phone numbers, calendar events, videos or even online purchases or downloads — which you can then save, use instantly, or share.

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May 11

Parallax Reuses and Reuses

parallax brand collateral

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat. I suppose there is no end to the cycle! But how do we, as a company, motivate our clients and ourselves to reuse and recycle? Continue reading →

Feb 11

Rolling Readers Annual Appeal

For the past two years we have worked to help the organization Rolling Readers with their annual appeal piece that helps raise money for their organization. It is always an exciting and fun project for us to work on, let us know what you think!

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Jan 11

Create a Campaign – Video

Have you ever needed to raise awareness or money for an organization?

We recently finished creating the “Strong Ties for a Strong Education” campaign for the La Jolla Country Day School. The campaign, which will run for several years needed depth with both the visuals and messaging to ensure longevity and consistency to create and maintain awareness.

The video is a quick peek into the process, visuals and messaging for the campaign.

Jan 11

Meet Robert Craghead of Ten Stories

Robert Craghead is the founder of Ten Stories, a motion branding creative house located in San Diego, California. Ten Stories works with multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as a wide range of film and broadcast television clients creating commercials, product demonstrations, film and television main title sequences, and all other motion related content for broadcast or web. Continue reading →

Dec 10

Heath + House

Over the weekend I went up to Los Angeles for House Industries’ event at Heath Ceramics. It was a lot of fun to be there and meet the people as well as see all the cool stuff  they make. The event was to celebrate the launch of some ceramic numeral tiles for building numbers, which actually looked fantastic. They also had a screenprinting demo set-up where you could get custom stuff made which was lots of fun. The show/set-up will be up through the end of year and I recommend checking it out if you are in the LA area. Continue reading →